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Nolensvile Flag Football Board Members

Director   Cory Kenyon

Serve as director of the Nolensville Flag Football board(NFFB) for the Nolensville Recreation Board (NRB), preside over and organize all meetings or appoint Board member to preside in their absence, conduct the affairs and execute all policies as established by NFFB, prepare calendar of events of NFFB activities, assist rules coordinator with disciplinary decisions, assign tasks to and assist other board members to ensure all aspects of the Flag Football program run smoothly.  Help monitor the fields with regard to safety and rules.

Summary of Role- Oversee the Nolensville Flag Football Program (NFFP) to ensure all roles are meeting their requirements.  Address any issues that may fall outside of other roles and advise accordingly.

Time Commitment-Year long, Monthly Meetings.

Assistant Director  Tim Harrell

Serve as Coordinator and perform duties in the absence of the Coordinator, coordinate with Commissioner in daily operations, provide input to the Commissioner, and the NFFB to ensure development of the NFFP, and assist with disciplinary actions.  Help monitor fields with regard to safety and rules.

Summary of Role- Assist Commissioner, help ove  rsee the NFFB roles.

Time Commitment- Year long, Monthly Meetings.

Registrar    Please Volunteer

Coordinate and facilitate seasonal registrations, maintain player rosters, serve as Secretary as for the NFFB and is responsible for recording minutes, assuring minutes are available at next monthly meeting through coordination with the Commissioner, assist with disciplinary issues.

Summary of Role- Track registrations, record minutes, assist with disciplinary actions.

Time Commitment- Preseason heavy commitment, monthly meetings.

Compliance Coordinator   Please Volunteer

Serves as rules director and director of coaches.  As rules director obtains copy of code of conduct forms from all coaches prior to first game of season, promotes health, safety, and protection of all children playing flag football, suggestions for any rules changes each season.  As Director of coaches oversees coaches, provides guidance to new coaches to assure the best possible player experience, be present at evaluations and draft meetings, assist with disciplinary actions. 

Summary of Role- Ensures player safety, ensures fair play, assists in development of coaches.

Time Commitment- Monthly meetings, preseason and early season may require greater commitment.

Field Coordinator  Please Volunteer

Provide for general maintenance and upkeep of fields and equipment.  Determine size of playing fields, evaluate playing condition of fields and aid Commissioner in their decision to cancel or postpone games in cases of lightning or other inclement weather, help monitor fields with regards to safety and rules.

Summary of Role- Primary role is to ensure that all fields are lined weekly, and that field conditions are in good shape.  Assist with monitoring parent, coach, and player safety and adherence with rules.

Officials Coordinator   Please Volunteer

Study and maintain knowledge of rules, provide officials, ensure all referees maintain acceptable level of competence, ensure officials are confirmed for each game, serve as point of contact for complaints, review officials performance, ensure distribution of payments to officials through coordination with NRB Treasurer.

Summary of Role- Ensure officials are scheduled, competent, and oversee officials during the season. 

Time Commitment- During season 4 hours on Saturdays during game times, one Thursday night generally during week prior to spring break, monthly meetings.