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Nolensville Baseball League - 2022 Spring/Fall Season T-ball Rules

Nolensville Baseball League – 2022 Spring/Fall Season Rules


T Ball Division – (3-4 year old)


§  All games will have a one (1) hour time limit.  At least two (2) full innings will be played.

§  All players will play a position in the field.

§  Players are NOT allowed to play the same position for more than two (2) consecutive innings per game.

§  Each team will field all players in the field.  Players should be positioned in normal baseball positions but without a catcher. The pitcher is required to wear a helmet with a mask- preferably a batting helmet with a mask, not a catcher’s mask. No player, including the pitcher, is allowed to run the ball to first base- a throw must be made.  No tagging out of runners.

§  All players will bat in the line-up and all players will bat each inning.  Each inning, switch up your batting order.  Example- you bat 1-9 in the first inning for the first game, start with batter number two (2) for the second inning of the first game.  Keep changing the order for each game- so you would start with batter number three (3) for the second game and batter number four (4) for the second inning of the second game.  This way all players will have a chance to be the lead-off batter and the last batter for the year.

§  A batted ball will be considered in play if it stays between the first and third base foul lines AND goes past the five (5) foot semi-circle in front of the plate.

§  Batter/Runner will advance only one (1) base at a time- meaning no doubles or scoring from any base other than third, except for when the last batter is up and hits the ball.  Last batter up and all base runners will try to score.  

§  The team in the field will make all plays at first base ONLY, no matter where the other runners on the bases are.  If the play at first base results in an out, the batter running to first will officially be out and will not be allowed to stay on the base.  Coaches discretion on whether to actually call outs or not.  We would like them to know the difference both in the field and at bat, but this rule does not have to be enforced.

§  During the last batter of each inning, all runners including the batter will be allowed to advance as far as they can.  The team in the field will then be required to throw the ball to home plate where the pitcher will be covering.  As soon as the pitcher fields it and steps on home plate, the play is over and the inning will end.

§  Two (2) coaches allowed in the outfield when their team is playing defense.  Other coaches are allowed out of the dugout near the infield/home plate.  This will help when the last batter is up and the pitcher is trying to cover home.  Please try to stay far enough away from the base paths to keep these kids from being confused or getting in their way.

§  When batting, the offensive team is allowed a coach at first base, third base and home plate- to help the batters.

§  No umpires will be at any of the T Ball games.  The coaches are to be the umpires.

§  All games will be scheduled on Saturday with a potential for Sunday afternoon rain out game