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The league supports our referees. Any negative behavior from spectators during a game that a member of the board or management team sees will be dealt with quickly and swiftly.

We understand that bad calls are a part of the game and that kids will make mistakes. If you see a problem with the call, please send us an email, file a complaint, or locate a member of the board or field marshall during game days. We want everyone to have a fair game, equal opportunity, and enjoyment before, during and after the game.

Most referees are very young and for many this is their first "job" so please be patient and thoughtful before saying or behaving in a negative way.

File a complaint:

To be a referee you must be 13 years old and certified.  To become certified, check out the certification schedule at:

Becoming Certified does not guarantee working as a referee in Nolensville, but is required in order to referee. Referees are selected at the clubs discretion.

For questions about refereeing please contact our Director of Referees, Mattie Goostree, at  [email protected]