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Nolensville Baseball League - 2022 Spring Season Coach Pitch Rules

Nolensville Baseball League – 2022 Spring Season Rules

All Coach Pitch Divisions

Official playing rules of Little League Baseball will govern game situations in Little League. Nolensville Little League will adhere to all Official Little League rules regarding bats, legal and illegal, in all leagues. Objectives of the game as listed in the Little League Rule Book will be followed. The official Little League rules, however, do not regulate the operation of our league to the degree desired by our members. Therefore, some rules will be discarded, including but not exclusively: REGULATION PLAYING RULES. In cases of contradiction, the Nolensville Little League ruling will apply.

All game scores are to be verified by both coaches and the home team is responsible for reporting the score by entering the scores on the score sheet after that game. Failure to do so may result in Nolensville Board action against the coaches involved. 

All protests or rule violations of any kind will go before the Board. The Board will decide if the violation affected the outcome of the game. If there was a violation but is deemed that it did not affect the outcome of the game, there will be no forfeit and the outcome will stand. The Board reserves the right to discipline the offending individuals if deemed necessary.




Six (6) pitches total (no three (3) strike rule).  Able to use the tee after four (4) pitches, but the tee is not mandatory.  Ball must be put into play after the 6th pitch from the coach or the tee. Foul ball on 6th pitch results in an out. Any batted ball that makes contact with the coach pitching is a dead ball and does NOT count as one of the six (6) pitches. Batted ball must pass the 5-foot circle in front of home plate to be a live ball-(6th pitch that is fair but does not pass 5-foot circle results in an out.)



Six (6) pitches total (no three (3) strike rule).  A tee is not allowed for 6U. Ball must be put into play after the 6th pitch from the coach. Foul ball on 6th pitch will NOT result in an out. Any batted ball that makes contact with the coach pitching is a dead ball and does NOT count as one of the six (6) pitches. Batted ball must pass the 5-foot circle in front of home plate to be a live ball-(6th pitch that is fair but does not pass 5-foot circle will NOT result in an out.) 



Five (5) pitches total or three (3) swinging strikes. A batter will be allowed unlimited foul ball swings on the 5th pitch. Any batted ball that makes contact with the coach pitching is a dead ball and does NOT count as one of the five (5) pitches. NO semi-circle in front of home plate.


Player‐Pitcher Requirements:

For 5U/6U and 7U/8U the player-pitcher is required to wear a protective face mask.   The player‐pitcher must position themselves with at least one foot inside the pitching circle.  If the player‐pitcher fields the ball inside the circle he must make a throw to a base and is not allowed to run the batter down. 



Coach‐Pitcher Rules:

1.  The coach pitcher must pitch overhand to his batters and has to pitch standing up.  The coach pitcher cannot pitch from a knee.


2.  5U/6U (Founders Field)- The coach pitcher must position themselves in a straight line between home plate and 2nd base with at least one foot in the pitcher’s circle.  A three (3) foot chalk line will be drawn twenty-five (25) feet from the front of home plate.  The middle of the circle will be thirty-five (35) feet from the front of home plate.  The circle will be ten (10) feet from the front of the circle to the back of the circle, the front of the circle will be thirty (30) feet from the front of home plate.


3. 7U/8U (Field 1 and Lanny McGowan)- The middle of the circle must be forty-six (46) feet from the front of home plate and will be twelve (12) feet from the front of the circle to the back of the circle, basically the front of the circle will be forty (40) feet from the front of the plate.  A three (3) foot chalk line will be drawn thirty-six (36) feet from the front of home plate.  The coach pitcher must position themselves with at least one foot on or behind the marked three (3) foot line in front of the circle to start their delivery to the batter.     





All catchers must wear a protective helmet with mask and throat protector even when taking warm-up pitches. The umpires will strictly enforce this rule. It is the manager’s responsibility to insure compliance with this rule.


Batting and Substitution


Each team bats ALL players present (5U/6U and 7U/8U)


Each player will be entitled to play at least 1 full inning of defensive outs and bat one time in a game. Players injured during the game may be excused from this entitlement. If a game ends in less than six innings because of the mercy rule or due to weather conditions, the defensive & batting playing entitlement shall not be a requirement.


Late-arriving players (those players arriving after the game has started) do not have to play in the game. (Per Little League Rule Book). If they are inserted into the batting order they will be placed after the last batter in the lineup. 



Bat slinging:

Player – if the same player has more than one (1) incident during the same game, he/she will be called out.  A warning will be given for the first incident.


       All bats used during game play must have the official “USA Baseball” stamp and be no longer than   

       33”.   Any approved diameter is allowed.


Substitute Runners/Fielders

A substitute runner may be used in case of injury. The substitute runner will be the batter who made the last out. Injured players must sit out a minimum of three defensive outs before re-entering the game.

Players with documented medical ailments can be substituted for when necessary. These players will not be treated as injured players. Players with such conditions must be identified to the head umpire and opposing manager prior to the game. 

Defensive Substitutions: A coach may request time to change his players defensive alignment one time in a given inning and only twice during the course of a game. If an umpire deems that the defensive substitutions are an attempt to delay the game the umpire can refuse to allow the substitution and resume the game.


Base Running

5U/6U only - The Batter/Runner is limited to a maximum of one (1) base advancement on an overthrown/passed ball during a play at first base.  The runner is not automatically awarded the extra base on an overthrown/passed ball at first base unless it is determined a “dead ball”. “Dead ball” will be defined as any ball thrown that goes into any dugout, leaves the field of play, or that comes in contact with the first base fence during a play at first, which will result in all runners moving up one extra base- the base they were heading to plus one extra base. 


5U/6U, 7U/8U- On all other plays, if the ball is overthrown, but not pronounced “dead”, the runner can advance, at their own risk, and can be called out.  All other runners may also advance until play stoppage occurs, which is at the discretion of the umpire(s).  Ordinarily, stoppage occurs when the ball is returned to the infield, controlled by a defensive player and that player is standing on any of the bases or the base runner has stopped his/her momentum at a base. 


7U/8U - All overthrown/passed balls at first base are live unless the ball goes into any dugout, which will result in a “dead ball”.  “Dead ball” will be defined as any ball thrown that goes into any dugout, which will result in all runners moving up one extra base- the base they were heading to plus one extra base.  


There are no leadoffs in this league.

       Base Path Distance:

        5U/6U    55’

        7U/8U    60’



Play Stop (5U/6U and 7U/8U)


5U/6U and 7U/8U- To stop play, a defensive player must be in possession of the baseball at either 2nd base, 3rd base, or home plate or the lead runner has stopped his forward progress and the ball is in the infield, which at either situation the umpire will call time based on his or her best judgment.  We will no longer allow for a player to be in the dirt or in the base paths and just hold the ball up, unless the runners forward motion has stopped and the umpire has called time. Any runners who are deemed to be more than halfway to the next base will be awarded that base. Any runner who is deemed to be less than halfway to the next base will be sent back to the base they were coming from..  If a defensive player is continuing to make an effort to record an out on a live runner, time should not be called regardless of the location of the defensive player.


Defensive Play Rules


1)      Players are NOT allowed to roll the ball from one player to another – they must attempt an overhand throw.

2)      5U/6U no player may play the position of pitcher or first base for more than TWO consecutive innings. Players may switch between the two spots, but cannot stay at the same spots.





Sliding 7U/8U Only

Managers and coaches must teach and instruct all players to slide when the possibility of a close play may occur.  Headfirst sliding is illegal except when diving back to a base they have already reached.


First base: Runners are not permitted to slide while attempting to reach the base unless the slide is to avoid a throw that pulls the first baseman off the bag. If the runner slides for any other reason, he/she will be called out. Once touching the base, a runner may slide in an attempt to return to the base. Obstruction offenses by a fielder will be strictly enforced (No contact rule). 

Second and third base: While running the bases, the runner should become accustomed to sliding as overrunning the base can cause your team an out. Home plate: Runners must slide to avoid a collision with the catcher, provided the catcher has the ball. If the catcher is attempting to field the ball, the runner must avoid contact without necessarily sliding (No contact Rule).

All players, including the catcher, must understand they cannot block any base, including home plate, without possession of the ball. Blocking any base and interfering with the runner will result in fielders’ interference. The umpire will award the runner that base plus one. 

Any fielder, including the catcher, having possession of the ball prior to the runner reaching the base, including home plate, may block the base and then require the runner to slide. Failure to slide will result in runners’ interference. The umpire will call the runner out and the play becomes dead.


Mercy/Run/Tie Rules

The “Mercy Rule” shall apply if the run differential is insurmountable based on the number of remaining innings and the maximum runs allowed per inning.


If both coaches agree to play after the mercy rule has been reached, the umpires will leave.  At that point, it becomes practice.  This rule is only allowed if no other games are scheduled to be played after the current game.


There is a maximum of five (5) runs allowed “Run Rule” in an offensive half inning.

(Note: All runs that score after the 5th run on the same play shall NOT count.)


If a tie occurs, then one extra inning will be played to determine a winner. The international tie breaker rule shall be used. If no winner is determined, then the game will end in a tie.  International Tie Breaker Rule involves the last batter of the previous inning, whose turn at bat has been completed, assuming a position on second base (0 Outs). This will be done at the beginning of each half inning, until, at the conclusion of a full inning a winner is determined, or a tie is declared.


Coach Rules


Each team will be allowed no more than four (4) coaches in the dugout to coach the team and/or manage the dugout. For 5U and 6U only, no more than two (2) coaches in the outfield while on defense. One coach can be around the plate to help with the catcher, but not to do all the work for the catcher.   For AA Ball – 7U/8U only, two coaches will be permitted to stand in foul territory of the outfield grass (one coach in right field, one in left field). If the coaches in the outfield interfere with any plays or stray into fair territory during plays, the umpire may elect to disallow outfield coaches the rest of the game.


While on offense, two coaches shall be allowed outside of the dugout area in order to man the 1st and 3rd base coach boxes.


Base coaches may not physically interfere or assist with a base runner.


While on defense, one (1) coach is allowed to be outside of the dugout but must remain in close proximity to the dugout gate itself. Coaches cannot be positioned in close proximity to home plate. Coaches on defense must ensure that they are not interfering in any way with the offensive coaches or batters.



Ejection/Player & Coach Suspensions


Ejection / Player & Coach Suspensions: Any time a player, coach or spectator is ejected from a game that person must immediately leave the park. If a player or coach, that person will not be allowed to have any further involvement in the game either via signals from outside the park or other electronic forms of communication. Any time an ejected person refuses to vacate the park in a timely manner the umpire has the discretion to end the game in a forfeit against the team of the ejected person. Additionally, the person ejected is NOT allowed back in the park or on the field at the conclusion of the game in which the ejection occurred.


Coach Ejection/Suspension: If an umpire removes a coach from a game, that coach shall not be allowed to participate in his/her next played game. The coach must appear in a meeting with the NBL Board to review the circumstances of the ejection. A second ejection of a coach shall result in the coach banned from coaching for the remainder of the season.  Offending coach does have the right to appeal before the NBL Board for reinstatement.


Player Ejection/Suspension: If a player is removed from a game that player will not be allowed to participate in his/her next played game. If the same player is ejected a second time during the same season, the player shall sit out his/her next played game or games until the player appears before the next meeting of the NBL Board to show cause why the player should be permitted to finish the season. Final decision will be at the discretion of the NBL Board.



Additional Information:

1.      If an action is deemed excessively malicious then the NBL League President can impose player or coach suspensions in addition to the ejection penalties listed above.


2.      If an ejection occurs after the game has concluded, then the penalty shall include the next two played games. (Reason is that an ejection during the game involves loss of time in two games where an ejection after a game is over would not.)


3.      If a player is removed from a game for using profanity OR is caught using profanity anywhere within the jurisdiction of the Nolensville Baseball League (practice fields, playing fields, or anywhere else in the baseball parks) that player shall be subject to an additional suspension of one game. This same rule applies to the use of tobacco products by any player (regardless of age) while participating in league events. (Note: This penalty can be applied by umpires as well as any league board member that witnesses the incident.)


Game Times/Play etc.


1.  First games will start no earlier than 5:30 pm on weekdays.  First games will begin no earlier than 8:30 a.m. on Saturday and continue until all scheduled games are completed that day.  The Board will schedule make up games as necessary on the next open dates.


2.  All games will have an official time limit:


5U One Hour (1:00)

6U/7U/8U One Hour and Fifteen minutes (1:15)

Games are played until the time has expired or the maximum innings has been reached, whichever occurs first. All coach‐pitch divisions will play six (6) innings. No normal inning shall start after ten (10) minutes before the time limit is reached. The next inning starts at the time the third out is called in the prior inning.


3.  There will be a ten (10) minute grace period for late players. This will be for the first game of the day/night ONLY.  (NOTE: If the grace period is needed, the game clock nor the game itself will NOT start. The Manager needing the grace period shall inform the umpires immediately of the need.)


4.  Umpires shall designate the official start time and record that time on the scorecard.


5. Everyone does NOT play defense each inning.  10 players will play defense at a time consisting of a catcher, a pitcher, 4 infielders and 4 outfielders. If a team has less than 10 players, you will still need to have a catcher as one of the position players- means you will have fewer outfield positions filled.  Outfield will be defined as in the grass- no outfielders allowed to be on the infield/dirt.  On a batted ball that reaches or goes past the outfielder, only an outfielder can be the player that retrieves the ball and makes the throw attempt back to the infield.  For 6U and 7U/8U the catcher must be in actual catcher position- not standing or against the fence.


6. For 5U/6U and 7U/8U each team must have eight (8) players to start a game. If any team falls below eight (8) players for any reason, then that team will forfeit.  The team with eight (8) players will take an out each time the 9th batter is due to hit. The 9th player may be added to the lineup upon arrival, thus removing the automatic out for only having eight (8) players.  A team can add one (1) player from the Nolensville Rec age group immediately below the division in need of a player ONLY to avoid playing with less than nine (9) players.  In addition, that player must play in the outfield and must occupy the last batting position. In addition, that player must play in the outfield and must occupy the last batting position. 


7. If a player leaves the game due to sickness or injury, that players subsequent at bats will be passed over and is not an out, unless the team falls below eight (8) players, which will result in a forfeit. If a player is ejected from game or leaves by his or the coaches own choice, then the subsequent at bats will be recorded as an out. Once a player is removed from the game, he/she may not reenter the game.


8. The speed up rule will be in effect.  This rule allows for each team to have two (2) minutes to change sides, going from offense to defense or going from defense to offense, and to warm up the pitcher.  A warning will be given each time this rule is broken, and the coach/team will be reported by the umpire to the baseball board/commissioner if the rule continues to be broken by that same coach/team.  Penalties will then potentially be assessed going forward for that team(s).


Interrupted/Suspended Games


Interrupted Games – During the regular season and tournament, games that have not become official games shall be suspended and resumed from the point of interruption.  A game shall be deemed official if either more than half of the innings have been played or forty (40) minutes for 5U and Forty-five (45) minutes for 6U and 7U/8U of the game time has elapsed, whichever occurs first. 


Suspended Game Resumption – when a suspended game is resumed each team shall keep their lineup the same. In the event a player that was in the original lineup cannot attend the resumed game that player may be skipped without an out being called (if the team still has nine players).  If the situation exists that a regular member of the team was not on the lineup for the original game but is available for the resumed date that player (s) shall be used first to replace missing players.



Additional Rules

Jewelry: Metal rings, earrings, piercings, and non‐breakaway necklaces / bracelets shall not be allowed. Any other jewelry that the umpire deems could cause injury will also not be allowed. Pitchers should never wear jewelry that can be a distraction to the batter and umpires will direct that such be removed.