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Nolensville Baseball League - Coach Pitch Rules

Nolensville Baseball Coach Pitch Rules


Nolensville Baseball follows Little League rules. The rulebook app can be downloaded for free.

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The following are local amendments to the Little League rules.


Time Limits:

U5: No new inning starts after 0:55, hard stop at 1:00

U6: No new inning after 1:05, stop play at 1:15 if the outcome is certain

U7: No new inning after 1:05, stop play at 1:15 if the outcome is certain

U8: No new inning after 1:05, stop play at 1:15 if the outcome is certain


Run Limits

                Maximum of 5 runs may score per inning


The Mercy Rule shall apply if the run differential is insurmountable based on the number of remaining innings and the maximum runs allowed per inning.          


Batting Order

·         Teams must bat all players in attendance using a continuous batting order.

·         If a team has only 8 players in their lineup at any point in a game, they shall receive an automatic OUT any time they reach what would be the 9th spot in the order.

·         If a team has less than 8 players in their lineup, they will forfeit.


Coach Pitchers

·         Coaches must stand and pitch overhand. They must start with at least one foot on/behind the pitching line (in U5/U6, this is 25 feet from home plate. In U7/U8, it’s 35 feet from home plate).

·         If a coach-pitcher is struck by a batted ball, it will be considered NO pitch.


Player Pitchers

·         Player-pitchers in coach pitch divisions are required to wear a protective mask.

·         They must start each play with at least one foot in the circle.

·         If a pitcher fields the ball inside the circle, they may not run to first base for a force out or run and tag the batter-runner. They must attempt an overhand throw to first base.

o   If the pitcher fields the ball outside the circle, this rule does not apply.

o   Pitchers may run to other bases or run to tag other base runners.


Coach Pitch Limits

·         U5: 6 pitches. The batter may use a tee after 4 pitches. If the tee is used, a strikeout occurs after 2 swing & misses. Coaches may agree to waive this rule.

·         U6: 6 pitches.

·         U7-U8: 5 pitches or 3 strikes.

Foul balls on the final pitch will not count as a strikeout. Taking the final pitch WILL result in a strikeout.



·         Teams may use 4 outfielders (must start the play positioned in the grass).

·         Teams must use a catcher and cannot have more than 5 defensive players in fair territory on the infield (1st, 2nd, 3rd, Shortstop, Pitcher)

·         Players are NOT allowed to roll the ball from one player to another – they must attempt an overhand throw.

·         U5/U6 no player may play the position of pitcher or first base for more than TWO consecutive innings. Players may switch between the two spots, but cannot stay at the same spots.


Play Stoppage

·         The umpire shall call time when:

o   Any defensive player possesses the ball on the infield and the lead runner has stopped OR a defensive player possesses the ball at a base other than 1st.

§  Any runners who are more than halfway to the next base when the umpire calls time will be awarded that base. Runners who are not halfway will be forced to return




·         No more than 4 coaches in the dugout for each team

·         Defensive coaches:

o   U5: Three coaches may be in fair territory to help with defense

o   U6: Two coaches may be in fair territory to help with defense

o   U5/U6: One coach is allowed to be positioned near the catcher to assist (but should not do all the work)

o   U7/U8: Coaches are not permitted to be in fair territory. One defensive coach will allowed in foul territory in the outfield grass of right field and left field. One coach from each team can be outside the dugout, near the gate. Coaches should not be positioned near home plate.

·         Base coaches are not permitted to make contact with the runners while the ball is in play.



·         Coaches, parents, and players are expected to conduct themselves with dignity and sportsmanship. Umpires have discretion to eject anyone from a game. If someone is ejected, they must leave the vicinity of the field before play can resume. Ejections will result in a minimum 1 game suspension.

·         The Nolensville Baseball Board will review any ejections or other incidents that take place before, after, or during games to determine any disciplinary action. The board may determine that discipline is justified for an action, even if an ejection did not take place.

·         Disciplinary action may include:

o   Game suspensions

o   Season-long suspensions

o   Permanent ban from volunteer activities or attending games

o   While we would hate to punish a child for parent’s behavior, as a last resort, we may prevent a child from registering for future seasons due to their parent’s behavior.


Substitute Players

·         If a team has less than 9 players available to start a game, they may add substitute players in order to have 9 players.

·         Substitute players must be registered for Nolensville Little League in the age group immediately below. Substitute players should wear their own Nolensville Baseball jersey (not an extra one from the team they are subbing for)

·         Teams must notify a member of the board and the opposing team’s head coach prior to the game if they need to use a substitute.

·         If a head coach uses an ineligible substitute in a game, the substitute is to be removed immediately and the head coach will be ejected.


Bat Rules

·         All metal bats must have a USA baseball stamp and meet USA baseball standards. USSSA, BBCOR, and others are illegal.

·         It is the head coach’s responsibility to ensure that each player is using a legal bat.

o   If a player enters the batter’s box with an illegal bat, they are to be declared OUT immediately

o   If a player is found to have used an illegal bat prior to the next player entering the batter’s box, the player is to be declared OUT and all runners must return to their original base


Other Important Rules to Note

·         On deck batters are not permitted to warm up on the field while game is in play.

·         Metal cleats are prohibited

·         There is NO INFIELD FLY RULE in any coach-pitch division

·         Bunting is not permitted. If a player attempts to bunt, it will be considered a swing & miss and base runners may not advance.

·         If the same player has more than one (1) bat slinging incident during the same game, he/she will be called out.  A warning will be given for the first incident.

·         There are no intentional walks permitted.

·         No lead offs or base stealing

·         In U5 and U6, a maximum of one additional base can be taken on an overthrown ball