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When does the season begin?

Practices start in mid-July. Players will practice Monday through Thursday for the first two weeks from 6:00pm-8:00pm at the Panther Football Field in Rocky Fork Park.

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What are the age/weight restrictions 
for each division? 

Ages are calculated as of July 31, 2023

* Maximum weight to advance/carry the football. By rule, players over the posted weight limit are considered a "Double Striper" or "Monster Man" and must play on the interior line.

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What is the difference between
Division 1 and Division 2?

While not always the case, Division 2 players are usually less experienced or new to organized tackle football. The Division 1 Head Coach will choose their team first.  If there are two teams in the same age group and division the Head Coaches will draft their teams.

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What does it cost to play?

There is a registration fee and an equipment rental fee. The Registration fee is $215 and Equipment rental fee is $100.  The equipment rental fee covers your helmet and shoulder pads. Those players who have their own helmet and shoulder pads are not required to pay the rental fee. Half of your rental fee will be refunded when you return your equipment at the end of the season.

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Can I get a refund if my child
doesn't like Football?

If, after registration your child is unable to participate, a partial refund may be available.Only the registration fees are eligible for a refund. There will be no refunds of the equipment rental fee—regardless of whether the equipment was used or not.

All requests for refunds must be done in writing to the Football President and will only be considered if a participant is unable to play. No Refund will be considered after the first pre-season game.

All approved refunds will be mailed to the participant after the TNYFL Fee Night process held in August.

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What equipment is included in the cost?

Your registration fee includes your game jersey and socks, league fees and insurance. The equipment rental fee covers your shoulder pads and helmet.

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What equipment do we need to buy?

Players will need practice football pants, football cleats, chin strap, mouth guard with strap, and practice jersey.  Any other additional equipment (gloves, visors, pads, etc.) are optional and not necessary to play. Buying extra mouth guards is advised as they wear throughout the year.

Players will also provide their own solid black game pants with integrated pads.

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Should I buy my own equipment?

It's a matter of preference. The Nolensville Panthers provides each player the opportunity to wear the highest quality helmet and shoulder pads available for youth players. Our equipment is routinely replaced, if it becomes damaged or worn.

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Where are practices?

Practices are held at the Panther Football Field at Rocky Fork Park.  Specific practice locations will be announced by your coaching staffs. 
Click Here for Google Map.

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How often do teams practice?

Before our first Jamboree game, teams usually practice Monday-Thursday (the first 2 weeks). After Jamboree and the start of the school year, teams may only practice 2-3 days a week. Practice days and times are determined by each team's Head Coach and approved by the Nolensville Youth Football Board. 

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How many games will we play?

Each team will play approximately 10 games. 1 pre-season Jamboree game-day, 6-8 regular season games and at least 1 playoff and/or bowl game. Teams advancing further into the playoffs could play an additional 2 games.

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Where are games played?

Games are played at the Panther Football Field for our home games, or we travel to the surrounding TNYFL communities for away games. For directions to other TNYFL field sites, please refer to the TNYFL directions page.

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How are teams chosen?

Teams selection are governed by the rules of TNYFL and the Nolensville Panthers. After an evaluation period, all upper level teams are selected first.  Head Coaches along with the board determine and approve the final rosters.

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Can I request what team my child plays on?

No. The Panthers organization and their Coaches, either through selection or draft, have the final approval of all teams. All teams are selected and rostered with TNYFL and the Panthers under a strict set of guidelines. These rules and regulations are in place to ensure that each player is playing at a level appropriate to their ability.

Your child will be selected for a team or drafted. That decision is final.

Parents who do not accept that decision have the option to leave the program.

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Can my children be on the same team?

Every effort is made to keep siblings together, assuming they are in the same age grouping, but cannot be guaranteed. Be sure to indicate if you have same age siblings at time of registration.

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Can my daughter cheer for
her brother's team?

We do NOT currently have a Cheer Program.  A few parents have expressed interest in restarting the program.  Any updates would come from a new Cheer Board.  If you would like to volunteer to restart the Cheer Program please let us know.
Every effort is made to keep siblings together, assuming they are in the same age grouping, but cannot be guaranteed. Be sure to indicate if you have same age siblings at time of registration. In some cases, either a player and cheerleader may be moved to a different team to accommodate keeping siblings together.

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How much will my child get to play?

Every player will see some playing time during the game. Your child's actual number of game minutes are dependent upon their skill, desire and ability to engage in the physical aspect of football. Care is taken to protect young players from situations that they may not be comfortable with. The amount of playing time is strictly up to each individual player and Head Coach, and is directly related to the effort they put into the game.

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Is there an entry fee to watch games?

All regular season games have no admission charge. Pre season games (Bowl Games and TNYFL Jamboree) charge $7 per person over age 12. Additionally, TNYFL charges $7 per person over age 12 for 1st and 2nd round playoff games and $7 per person over age 12 for Championship games. All money collected goes to offset the cost of officials and is paid to TNYFL.

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How will I know if practice/games are cancelled due to rain?

During the first 2 weeks of practice, any practices cancelled due to weather will but posted on the Facebook Page and sent via e-mail. After teams have been selected, all communication concerning practices will come directly from your coaching staffs.

In general, we do not cancel practices due to light rain. If it is pouring or if lightning is in the area, we will not practice. Your coach will have the final say of your practice schedule.

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When is Camp?

Panthers Summer Football Camp date is in late May from 6-8 pm at the Panther Football Field in Rocky Fork Park.

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Are Panthers coaches certified?

Yes. All head and assistant coaches are required to be certified. Each TNYFL community shall be responsible for appointment of all coaches. All coaches actively instructing in practices or coaching in games shall be certified by an approved National coaches certification program (i.e. USA Football) and agree to be bound by the “Code of Ethics” requirement.  All Nolensville Panthers football coaches are subject to a background check, as well.

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How can I help coach?

There are a number of coaches selected each year, as either head or assistant coaches. Some of these individuals are helping out for the first time. Each team is limited to 6 people on the coaching staffs.

If you would like to coach, you may contact the Football President or e-mail  [email protected]

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How are coaches selected?

Each coach, whether returning or new, must fill out a coaches application, Code of Ethics and submit that paperwork to the Football Director. Head coaches are selected by a selection Committee and approved by the Nolensville Football Board of Directors. Assistant coaches must also be approved by the Football Director and have the required paperwork on file. All coaches must complete and turn-in their USA Football certification by the TNYFL Jamboree game.

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Will I be able to coach my child?

If you are selected as a head coach, your child is protected from any selection or draft and will play for your team. Assistant coaches' children are not protected from being selected or drafted. Therefore, assistant coaches may be required to move to the team for which their child is selected. Assistant coaches should be flexible in working with their child's team and should let all potential head coaches know of their intent to help. Head coaches have the final say of the composition of their respective staffs.

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If I have a problem with a coach,
who do I contact?

You should attempt to address all issues directly with your Head Coach. If you cannot resolve any issues, then you may contact the Football President.  As a practical matter, by the time an issue elevates to the Football Director or President, the Nolensville Football Board of Directors typically is aware and working with all parties to resolve any issue.

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What rules do the Panthers play by?

Our main play is governed by current Tennessee High School Federation Football Rules. There are also several additional TNYFL rules which govern play, depending on your age group and level of play. A complete rule book can be accessed on the following link: 
TNYFL rule book

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Should my child play for the Panthers
or Middle School?

We get this question a lot. Each family will need to assess the ability of their child as it relates to other players in their class. Generally speaking, those players who have played with the Panthers for a few years will have a pretty good estimate of their ability and how that relates to actual middle school playing time. There are certainly positive and negatives on both sides. The Panthers anticipate that a number of middle school players may start practices/try-outs at the middle school level and ultimately return to the Panthers. Please signup for both Panthers and Middle School if your player is not sure.  Players must designate which team they will play for prior to the first TNYFL regular season game.

If you have a rising 6th or 7th grader strongly consider the benefits of playing for the Nolensville Panthers.  Our 12U Division is highly competitive and play a guaranteed minimum of 8-10 games (versus a limited number of games and practice reps in middle school).  The age cutoff for the Panthers is 12 years old on or before July 31, 2023 and we will guarantee each player will get an opportunity to play and have plenty of live game experience.  

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How many first-time players
sign-up each year?

About 40% of participants are new to organized tackle football. Many come to our program from local flag football programs or, simply, want to experience organized youth football for the first time. Typically, the 9-10 year-old age division has the largest number of first time players, followed by the younger divisions.

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Will my child get hurt?

We sure hope not. Football is a contact sport and the collision will be unavoidable at some point during a game or practice. Everyone in the Panthers organization takes great care in providing the highest quality equipment and ensuring that all players are taught proper football techniques. Season ending injuries are rare. However, most kids are going to get bumps and bruises throughout the season.

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What does our registration money cover?

The Nolensville Panthers have the lowest registration fees of many TNYFL programs our size and, certainly, some of the lowest fees relative to other youth sports in Williamson County. There are many items that we pay for each year; officials, TNYFL fees, uniforms and equipment, etc. Our two biggest expenditures of your registration fee are TNYFL expenses  and uniforms. Other expenses include, Practice Equipment, Footballs, Field Paint, and Maintenance.  Any shortfall we have in fees is made-up by our proud sponsors. Our commitment for 20+ years is to keep our fees affordable to all families that we serve.

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How can I be a sponsor?

If you know of any business or individual that would like to contribute to the Panthers organization, you may contact our Football Director or visit our sponsorship page details.

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What is the Annual Panthers fundraiser?

We do not have an organized fundraiser.  Our volunteer-run concession stand is our most consistent way of raising funds throughout the season.  We also rely on donations from our generous sponsors.

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How can I get involved with the Panthers?

The Panthers are always in need of volunteers for a variety of team and organizational activities. Each team will have a "team manager (Mom/Dad)" who helps coordinate the activities throughout the year. Those interested in helping in other areas, need only to contact a member of the Board of Directors or e-mail us at [email protected]

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Why are volunteers important?

NYA and the Nolensville Panthers are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. No person involved with this organization is paid any monies for the efforts they put into the program. As a volunteer organization, the success or failure is measured in the expertise and passion of our parents and friends. Volunteering in your child's youth sport program will be one of the most rewarding times of your life.

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Where can I park at Rocky Fork Park?

You may park only in designated parking spots, Do not park on any grass area, walking track,  or medians at Rocky Fork Park. Tickets will be issued by local Law Enforcement. You cannot park inside of the yellow gates of the field complex. These areas need to stay clear for safety and only accessed by maintenance and emergency vehicles.

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What is TNYFL?

TNYFL, or the Tennessee Youth Football League, is the governing body for which all it's member communities belong. As a proud member and one of it's largest communities, we share in the goal to bring high-quality, affordable and competitive youth football to our community. TNYFL can be accessed at

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How do I find directions to
other TNYFL locations?

Directions to other TNYFL field locations can be accessed on our directions page or

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