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Panther Cheer FAQ

When does the season begin?

Practices begin in July. Cheer practices two days a week from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM at Rocky Fork Park in Nolensville. Actual days to be determined.

What does it cost to cheer?

There is a registration fee of $175 which covers TNYFL fees, insurance, complete uniforms (shell, skirt, briefs, socks, bow, shoes and poms). Fundraisers and sponsorships may be available to help with any additional purchases that may be needed.

Can I get a refund if my child
doesn't like Cheer?

If, after registration your child is unable to participate, a partial refund may be available.

All requests for refunds must be done in writing to the Cheer Director and will only be considered if a participant is unable to participate. No Refund will be considered after the first pre-season Jamboree game.

All approved refunds will be mailed to the participant after the TNYFL Fee Night processes in August.

Where are practices?

Practices are held at Rocky Fork Park in Nolensville in the open area near the pavillion. Specific days and times will be announced after squads are determined. Location may also change due to extreme weather conditions.

How often do teams practice?

Practices are held 2 nights per week throughout the season. Practice times are 6:00 PM-7:30 PM. The cheer competition and/or exhibition will require additional practices.

How many games will we cheer?

Each squad will cheer for approximately 8-10 games. This includes 1 pre-season Jamboree game, 8 regular season games, and at least 1 playoff and/or bowl game. Teams advancing further into the playoffs could play an additional 2 games. 
Cheerleaders will also perform at the Panther Pride Event as well as the Exhibition held at Vanderbilt University Football Stadium.

Where are games played?

Home games are played at Rocky Fork Park. We also travel to the surrounding TNYFL communities for away games. For directions to other TNYFL field sites, please refer to the TNYFL field locations page.

How are squads chosen?

We have several criteria for squad placement. Our first goal is to place siblings (cheer/football) on the same team. For example, if you son plays, your daugther will cheer for his team unless you specify otherwise. Secondly, we strive to place girls on squads with girls of similar age and for a football team of similar age. We often get requests for friends to be placed together. We make every effort to make this happen. Individual requests need to be made to the Cheer Director. 

***Special Requests beyond siblings are not guaranteed, especially if it means squads do not have enough girls to cheer for a team. Please be understanding if we are not able to meet your special request.***

Is there an entry fee to watch games?

All regular season games have no admission charge. Pre-season games (TNYFL Jamboree and other bowl games) typically charge $3 per person. Additionally, TNYFL charges $3 per person for 1st and 2nd round playoff games and $5 per person for Championship games. All money collected goes to offset the cost of officials. Cheerleaders and football players do not pay these entry fees.

How will I know if practice/games are cancelled due to rain?

Any practices cancelled due to weather will be posted on the website and sent via email and/or text message.

When is Cheer Camp?

Cheer camp will be held in May. Specific dates are TBD.

Are coaches certified?

Yes. All head and assistant coaches are required to be certified. Each TNYFL community isresponsible for appointment of all coaches. All coaches actively instructing in practices or coaching in games are certified by an approved certification program designated by TNYFL. Additionally, all coaches are required to take a concussion training course every year.

How can I help coach?

There are a number of coaches selected each year, as either head or assistant coaches. Some of these individuals are helping out for the first time. Extensive experience is not necessary. For additional details, please contact the Cheer Director.

Will I be able to coach my child?

Yes. Your assistance is key to the success of the program. We love our parent coaches!

If I have a problem with a coach, who do I contact?

You should attempt to address all issues directly with your Head Coach. If you still have issues or need further attention, the Cheer Director should be alerted.

What rules do NYA participants cheer by?

Our main play is governed by current Tennessee High School Football Rules. There are also several additional TNYFL rules which govern cheer, depending on your age group and level of play. A complete TNYFL rule book can be accessed on our Forms page.

How can I be a sponsor?

If you know of any business or individual that would like to contribute to the NYA Cheerleading organization, you may contact our Cheer Director or visit our sponsorship page details.

How can I get involved with NYA Cheerleading?

NYA Cheerleading is always in need of volunteers for a variety of team and organizational activities. Those interested in helping in any area need only contact the Cheer Director.

Why are volunteers important?

NYA Cheerleading is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. No person involved with this organization is paid any monies for the efforts they put into the group. As a volunteer organization, the success or failure is measured in the expertise and passion of our parents and friends. Volunteering in your child's youth sport program will be one of the most rewarding times of your life.

What is TNYFL?

TNYFL, or the Tennessee Youth Football League, is the governing body for which all its member communities belong. As a proud member and one of its largest communities, we share in the goal to bring high-quality, affordable, and competitive youth football to our community. TNYFL can be accessed via

How do I find directions to
other TNYFL locations?

Directions to other TNYFL field locations can be accessed on our directions page or via