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Nolensville Soccer Club Board

Official Description followed by summary and time commitment

The Nolensville Soccer Board needs to fill 18 spots (some Voting Board Members and Some Coordinators) to grow our program to the next level and provide the organization needed to run a smooth program. Many of these roles focus on a single task and if we fill all the roles it makes everyone’s job easier because we are not trying to cover multiple tasks. Right now about 8 or 9 people cover all of these roles and many have duplicate roles. Review these and please let us know if you have questions -

Board Positions

* Voting Member (these positions are elected the others are appointed)

  • President
  • Vice President*
  • Registrar*
  • Risk Manager*
  • Director Of Fields*
  • Director Of Officials*
  • Director Of Coaches*
  • Director of Player Development*
  • Age Group Coordinator U5*
  • Age Group Coordinator U6*
  • Age Group Coordinator U7 & U8*
  • Age Group Coordinator U10*
  • Age Group Coordinator U12 & u14*
  • Communications Coordinator
  • Event Coordinator
  • Picture/Trophies Coordinator


  • Run and Serve on the Nolensville Recreation Board (NRB) as director of the Soccer program.
  • Preside at all meetings or appoint a Board member to preside in his/her absence.
  • Conduct the affairs and execute the policies as established by NSB.
  • Receive all communications affiliated with NSC.
  • Represent NSC in all publicity and programs of the NSB.
  • Prepare Calendar of Events of Soccer Activities as established by NSB.
  • Serve on Disciplinary Committee.
  • Assign members and/or committees to tasks and assist as required to insure that all aspects of NSC operate smoothly. These include, but are not limited to, publicity, fund raising, affiliation requirements, sign- up/registrations, equipment, uniforms, trophies and disciplinary action.

Summary of Role: Oversees the program and ensures all the other roles are meeting their requirements. Addresses anomalies fall outside of these roles, and advises the various positions.

Time Commitment: Regular throughout the Season/Year, Monthly Meetings.

Vice President

  • Serve as President-Elect (if applicable) and performs duties in the absence of the President
  • Coordinate with the President in daily operations
  • Provide input to the President and NSB for the development of NSC
  • Serve on discipline Committee.

Summary of Role:Assists the President, helps oversee the board roles.

Time Commitment:Regular throughout the Season/Year Monthly Meetings.


  • Coordinate and facilitate Seasonal Registrations.
  • Insure all players are eligible.
  • Maintain player rosters.
  • Registers players with TSSA for insurance each season
  • Record other necessary data and perform duties as mandated by Tennessee State Soccer Association
  • Serve as Secretary for the NSB and is responsible for the recording of minutes.
  • Assuring minutes are available at next monthly meeting through coordination with the President.
  • Present player disputes to the NSB and assist with other duties as required by the President.
  • Serve on Disciplinary Committee.

Summary of Role: Works with the administration database, to track registrations, ensures all players are covered with TSSA for insurance, record minutes of monthly meetings.

Time Commitment: Heavy during preseason, light throughout the season. Monthly Meetings.

Risk Manager

  • Serves and perform duties as mandated by Tennessee State Soccer Association.
  • Complete and submit Goal/Field Inspection forms and Employee/Volunteer Disclosure forms.
  • Obtain signed copy of (Code of Conduct) forms from all coaching candidates prior to the first season game.
  • Obtain signed copy of (Volunteer Disclosure/Background Check Approval) forms from all coaching candidates prior to the first season game.
  • Promote health, safety and protection of all the children playing Soccer.
  • Serve as Chair of Disciplinary Committee and assist with other duties as required by the President.

Summary of Role: This is mostly an advisory role that only comes into play as needed to make sure we have the needed background detail collected. Addresses player safety issues as needed/requested. A good role for someone with a passion for health and safety.

Time Commitment: Minimal, Light at during preseason-only as needed during the season, Monthly Meetings Optional.

Director of Fields

  • Perform duties and assists as required by President.
  • Provide for general maintenance and upkeep of goals and equipment.
  • Determine sizes of playing fields in consultation with Age Group Coordinators and Director of Coaches.
  • Lay-out and stripe fields of play.
  • Evaluate playing condition of fields and aid officials in their decisions to cancel or postpone games in cases of lightning or inclement weather.
  • Help monitor the fields seeking the cooperation and assistance from coaches, players and parents with regard to safety and rules.

Summary of Role: Primary role is making sure that all the fields are lined, and that the nets and field conditions are in good shape. Evaluate and make the call in coordination with the President/officials to cancel/postpone games. Can set up schedule and get volunteers to help with painting lines weekly. Make sure corners of fields get painted every 2-3 weeks during offseason so fields don't have to be remeasured.

Time Commitment: Regular During season. Occasional in offseason. 1-3 hours per week painting currently, will have new fields to cover as well. Monthly meetings.

Director of Officials

  • Study and maintain knowledge of Rules and perform duties.
  • Conferring with Age Group Coordinators and Director of Coaches.
  • Provide a list of qualified referees to NSB, Recruit and facilitate training opportunities for all referees.
  • Insure all referees maintain acceptable level of competence.
  • Schedule referees and confirm that referees are present for each game.
  • Serve as point of contact for complaints in referees.
  • Review referee performance.
  • Distribute payment or provides a method of payment to referees (provide payment info to financial administrator)

Summary of Role: Ensure that we have a referee pool to work from by recruiting if needed or otherwise working with other leagues if short. Assign referees to games on a weekly basis. Oversee referees during games or coordinate with other board members for coverage.

Time Commitment: Regular During season. Typically 2 hours per week to schedule and communicate and Saturday Game attendance and/or coordination of coverage from other board members. Monthly Meetings.

Director of Coaches

  • Perform duties in close consultation with Age Group Coordinators.
  • Direct and oversee all coaches.
  • Insure qualified coaches are selected.
  • Coaching clinics are held scheduling TSSA coaching clinics.
  • Review the evaluations of all coaches at the end of each season.
  • Provide guidance for new coaches to assure their conformance to NSC Purpose.
  • Confirm that coaches between age groups cooperate and support each other to better develop each player.
  • Help assist Age-Group Coordinators with scheduling conflicts.
  • Aid in coach selections and approves all coaches through duly established selection process which includes NSB approval.
  • Be present at all tryouts, evaluations, and draft meetings to help maintain balanced teams through a draft system determined by NRB.
  • Insure that signed copies of Code of Conduct forms from all coaching candidates are delivered to Risk Manager prior to the first season game.
  • Insure that a signed copies of Volunteer Disclosure/Background Check Approval forms from all coaching candidates are delivered to Risk Manager prior to the first season game.
  • Serve on Disciplinary Committee.

Director of Coaches is eligible to be considered as a candidate to coach a team, and is subject to the authority of the particular Age Group Coordinator, just as any other coach the AGC may recruit to help coach in his or her age group.

Summary of Role: Focus on the development of coaches and provide support to the AGC’s based on feedback of coaching needs.

Time Commitment: Mostly consultative, coordinate 1 TSSA coaching clinic/training per season. As needed to support coaches. Opportunity to envision and implement coaching standards. Monthly Board Meetings.

Age Group Coordinators

  • Under 5
  • Under 6
  • Under 7 & 8
  • Under 10
  • Under 12 & 14

  • Serve in each age group and may also coach.
  • Coordinate and organize teams within specific age groups.
  • Perform duties in close consultation with Director of Coaches.
  • Insure qualified coaches are selected and coaching clinics are held.
  • Provide guidance for new coaches to assure their conformance to NSC Purpose.
  • Help coordinate the scheduling of all practices.
  • Aid in coach selections and approve all coaches through duly established selection process which includes NSB approval.
  • Be present at all tryouts, evaluations and draft meetings, to help maintain balanced teams through a draft system determined by NRB.

U5 and U6 coordinators will draft the non evaluated teams and provide to the data administrator to load in the system.

U14 will pursue teams from other programs to schedule games with.

Summary of Role: Recruit needed coaches for age group, be the point person for questions, cover minor administrative needs for teams in age groups-typically late adds, player swaps, etc.

Time Commitment: Heavy during preseason, Pre evaluation 5-6 hours per week, lightens up as the season gets going, maybe an hour or less per week. Monthly board meetings.

Communications Coordinator

  • Responsible for all website content.
  • Point person for updates.
  • Assist coaches with administrative access to team pages and team info.
  • Adding new stories.
  • Setting up team pages.
  • Utilizing website/social media to promote Soccer Program.
  • Ensure we are benefiting from fully from the functionality of website.

Time Commitment: Regular through season but on desired schedule, may vary depending on the technical aptitude of President or others posting information on website.

Picture /Trophy Coordinator

  • Schedule/coordinate the Picture day with vendor and ensure coaches and families have been notified.
  • Order season trophies and championship trophies and deliver to coaches.

Time Commitment: Pictures Minimal, Couple phone calls, potential delivery of picture forms to coaches, Trophies, receive list of player names and teams from administrator and place order, set up pickup time for coaches. Monthly Meetings optional.

Marketing Coordinator

  • Provide Direction on Marketing opportunities or establishing and coordinating sponsorship program.
  • Need a true Marketing/Salesperson.

Time commitment: Whatever you create and establish. Monthly Meetings.

Board Members

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Josh Kersey

Mark Bacigalupo

Director of Officials
Mattie Goostree

Director of Coaches
Scott Mills

Middle School/High School Age Group Coordinator
Melissa Wells

U12 Age Group Coordinator
Dustin Serpas

U9/U10 Girls and U10 Boys Age Group Coordinator
Mark Bacigalupo

U7/U8 Age Group Coordinator
David Campbell

U6 Age Group Coordinator
Keld Madsen

U5 Age Group Coordinator
Jamie Morelock

Trophy/Picture Coordinator
Matt McGowan

Communications Coordinator
Melissa Wells

Schedule Coordinator
Scott Mills

Uniform Coordinator
Jeffrey Lassiter

Concessions Coordinator